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Why is awareness important

With awareness comes access to information, knowledge and choices that have the potential to benefit people’s health.

If more people are aware of clinical trials then participation rates may increase and this means that the time taken to make new therapies and interventions available could be reduced.

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Power of One Grant

WCF is proud to announce the recipient of the Power of One $5000 Grant is .....The University of Newcastle for their research project- 'Brain Cancer and Cognitive decline: The acceptability of Cognitive Screening for Aboriginal people in New South Wales (NSW)'. Congratulations! Tools that measure thinking and memory are important for supporting people with brain cancers, dementia, & other health concerns. The University of Newcastle will be working with local Aboriginal communities to explore the acceptability & cultural safety of current thinking and memory tools from the perspective of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

Carl Sagan
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