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Meet Our Team

Our Board

Christine Zahren, MAppSc (Acu), BSN, RN
Christine Zahren, MAppSc (Acu), BSN, RNClinTrial Refer, Business Development Manager Founder and Director White Coats Foundation Trials Strategy and Development Consultant- Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc
Christine has a background in nursing with over 25yrs experience in healthcare. She has worked in various areas of health including aged care, acute care, rehabilitation medicine, dermatology specialist clinics, and surgery. Christine has extensive experience as a clinical trial nurse coordinator, and spent 5 years managing the Dermatology Clinical Trials Unit at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc in Victoria. She also holds a Master of Applied Science in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) and spent 4 years in private practice.
Christine is currently the Business Development Manager for ClinTrial Refer- a mobile app and website platform connecting doctors and patients to current clinical trials. She joined the team in September 2018 following a merger between her participant recruitment company ‘Clinical Trials Connect’ and ‘ClinTrial Refer’. The move was part of a joint vision to provide a central hub where people could access current clinical trial information.
Christine also works one day a week as a Trials Strategy and Development Consultant at The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc.
She is passionate about helping advance medical research and ensuring that people have access to medications and new therapies in their development phase.
Fiona Cameron BBus CPM
Fiona Cameron BBus CPMFounder & Director White Coats Foundation, Director The Acme Collective
Fiona Cameron has over 20 years of experience as a Marketer, specialising in retail and consumer sector, she has been a part of the strategic development of several key Australian brands.
Fiona has extensive knowledge and expertise in marketing, strategic planning, and business management. She has worked with traditional, digital and mainstream media and has had what she calls “the advantage” of working within a field that has adapted, grown and reinvented itself several times over.

“There’s always one marketing hero, perceived or real, at a certain moment in time. Up until recently, it was social media. I am always excited to see what’s next and how to make the most of it and relevant to the brands I work with and personally”
Fiona worked closely with Christine on the initial. Thank you video, and this involvement ignited a keen interest in raising awareness of clinical trials, patient participation and their link better health. The initial video idea then expanded and White Coats Foundation was created.
Fiona also has a personal connection to clinical trials, becoming even more passionate, while watching close family and friends go through diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.
“When I say to people now, ‘If you have ever taken prescription medicine, you have a clinical trial volunteer to thank’, it really resonates, makes people stop and think. If we can just for one minute, have one short conversation dropped into the community around this fact, it puts the importance of clinical trials into a day to day, relatable perspective, and in turn, raises awareness.”

Associate Professor Peter Foley MBBS, MD, FACD
Associate Professor Peter Foley MBBS, MD, FACDDirector, White Coats Foundation, Research Director, Board Member Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc
Associate Professor Peter Foley is a clinical dermatologist, and has a wealth of experience in dermatology particularly in the treatment of psoriasis.
A/Prof Foley currently holds the position of Associate Professor, Department of Medicine (Dermatology) at The University of Melbourne, Director of Research at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc and is a visiting dermatologist at the Photobiology, Phototherapy and Biologics Clinics at St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and the Phototherapy and Biologics Clinics at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc.
As the Director of Research, A/Prof Foley directs a rapidly expanding clinical trials program and the Australasian Psoriasis Registry. He has well over 60 peer reviewed publications and has been an investigator in over 80 clinical trials. He is a world renowned expert on psoriasis and has been invited to speak at numerous meetings in all corners of the globe.

Our Advisory Board

Sharon Brearley Roberts CPM
Sharon Brearley Roberts CPM Advisory Board Member White Coats Foundation, CFO Longevity Group Australia
Sharon is a Chartered Accountant who brings over 20 years’ experience in the service sector. She commenced her career working for the “big four” in Australia and Japan. Sharon then moved to work in commerce and has held senior executive positions in a broad range of industries including public health, the private hospital sector, private health insurance, aged care and retirement and, the gaming industry. She has worked in listed entities, companies going to listing, public organisations and unlisted public companies.

 Michelle Ouellette
Michelle OuelletteAdvisory Board Member White Coats Foundation, Advocacy Specialist, Syneos Health
Michelle leads advocacy and community outreach programs for Syneos Health, a top three Contract Research Organization (CRO) that combines comprehensive and integrated outsourcing solutions for both clinical development and commercialization. Syneos Health (formerly INC Research/inVentiv Health) and CISCRP co-hosted the “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon of which White Coats was a finalist. Patients are at the heart of Michelle’s work. She helps build mutually-beneficial relationships between sponsors and advocates with the goal of encouraging patients to take a proactive role in clinical research for themselves and future generations. Michelle also brings deep communications marketing experience from prior work with firms including Edelman