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White Coats Thank You  Sessions

“You don’t have to be a scientist to help medical research“

“Anyone can wear a white coat”

“ If you have ever taken a prescriptions medicine, you have a clinical trial volunteer to thank”

The Idea

Following on from one of White Coats Foundation key mantras ” if you have ever taken a prescrition medicine, you have a clinical trial volunteer to thank”, the Thank You Session was developed to not only thank volunteers in a relaxed, face to face environment, but to link them to real people involved in the process.

Patients that have participated in trials understand what’s involved and can be a great source of knowledge to other people in the community.   However, not many patients can fathom the broader impact of their participation and don’t really recognize themselves as partners in the discovery of better health.

We see a thank you and an opportunity for patients to connect to the clinical trial community and see their importance within this community can be a positive move towards the humanizing clinical trial participation.

WCF developed a morning tea that unites industry and patients in a unique gathering where a panel of industry representatives will each thank patients for the important role they play in the discovery of new therapeutic interventions. Panels also incldue patients, recounting their journey stories or any story relevant to their patient experience.

Each event is also designed to be a casual networking opportunity for those who are interested in or have been involved in trials.

All attendees receive a WCF keep cup and a “show bag” of relevant information from WCF and venue.

Thank You Session – St Vincents Hospital Melbourne

Thank You Session Panel Members – The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Next Session

More Thank You Sessions coming soon

Our Sessions

St Vincents Hospital – Thank You Session – July 2019 

As humans, all our experiences are told through stories. This is what connects us. Our incredible panellists shared their stories and acknowledged patients as partners in the discovery process. The stories shared were real, they were honest, and they were inspiring.

Our Panel consisted of :

  • Dr Louise Murdoch Principal Investigator Emeritus Research
  • Tim Green Director and Head of Research and Clinical Bioanalytics, CSL
  • Carrie Bloomfield Associate Director, Clinical Research GSK
  • Helen Aunedi, Country Head, Clinical Operations Roche
  • Richard Verrelli Head of Operations, Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Centre,
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Facilitator: Dr Tam Nguyen Deputy Director of Research, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

WCF sends a huge thanks to all participants, speakers & panel members

WCF Podcast

If you would like to hear a podcast breaking down our St Vincents  Thank You Event  click here

The Royal Melbourne Hospital – Thank You Session – December  2019 

The panelist stories helped surface the direct impact patients have in benefiting treatment advances through clinical trial participation. There was also a very clear message that clinical trials have the potential to change lives particularly in circumstances where options are limited or there are none.

Our Panel consisted of : ( Comprising Investigators, Industry and Patients )

  • Prof Mark Parsons – Head of Department of Neurology,RMH
  • A/Prof Daniel Steinfort – Respiratory Physician & Interventional Pulmonologist, RMH
  • Lauren McNaughton – Site Engagement Manager, ANZ & India, Eli Lilly
  • Elizabeth Wilson – Director Prime & Partner Sites ANZ,IQVIA
  • Jim – RMH Crohn’s Disease clinical trial patient
  • Klaire – RMH Porphyria clinical trial patient
  • Diana – RMH Stroke clinical trial patient (and was also reached and treated in RMH’s mobile stroke
  • unit)
  • Facilitator: Michelle Gallaher (White Coats Foundation Ambassador)

WCF sends a huge thanks to all participants, speakers & panel members