De-Mystifying Consumer and Community Involvement in Research

White Coats Foundation Two-Part Webinar Series

On the 15th and 22nd of September the White Coats Foundation took a deep dive into “de-mystifying” consumer and community involvement in research via a two-part webinar series.

The series was an opportunity for stakeholders with an interest in or focus on consumer and community involvement in research to ask questions, share experiences, listen and learn from others who are effectively involving consumers in research. In bringing key stakeholders together we aimed  to raise awareness; foster improved understanding; help reduce duplication of effort, encourage collaboration, and identify any gaps in progress on current efforts to involve consumers.

Over 200 people attended the webinar series and the feedback received  has provided some fresh insights into areas that may require further attention to improve CCI in research. There is a clear need for more sharing of information. The discussion was  passionate, inspiring and led to some interesting questions and perspectives that will be captured in a ‘Reflections Paper’ summarising key messages and recommendations from the series.

This is the first of a series of webinars where we aim to discuss issues effecting research and  clinical trials awareness, participation, involvement and engagement. We hope to  bridge knowledge gaps that surround clinical trials and their connection to better health outcomes for all.

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