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What is consumer and community involvement in research? Who are consumers? How can consumers use their knowledge, experience and insights to improve research, clinical care and outcomes for patients?

The White Coats Foundation takes a deep dive into “de-mystifying” consumer and community involvement in research via a two-part webinar series that aims to explore these issues and more.  

On the 15th and 22nd September, White Coats Foundation hosted an interactive two-part webinar called De-Mystifying Consumer & community Involvement in Research.

The webinar series was an opportunity for stakeholders with an interest in or focus on consumer and community involvement in research to ask questions, share experiences, listen and learn from others who are effectively involving consumers in research. In bringing key stakeholders together we hope to raise awareness; foster improved understanding; help reduce duplication of effort, encourage collaboration, and identify any gaps in progress on current efforts to involve consumers

White Coats Foundation proudly presents .....

Behind the White Coat is a series of interviews that goes behind the scenes of drug discovery to connect people and faces to the many different roles, positions and titles in clinical trials. 

We will be talking to Scientists, Investigators, Clinical Trial Participants, Clinical Research Associates and others who assist in the variety of processes and investigations that make new discoveries possible.

Your Voice Your Story

Sometimes it is difficult to put feelings into words. They say a picture can tell a thousand words, so we invited people to express ‘Your Voice’ by creating a picture, painting, symbol or sending in a photo that represents what clinical trials mean to them.

Your Voice Your Story was presented online in conjunction with a webinar on International Clinical Trial Day  2021. 

On November 1. 2020, we  launched our inaugural Power of One campaign. Spearheaded with a video and launched via social media the Power of One campaign objective was to raise general awareness about the role of clinical trials in advancing medical science and healthcare. 

Our WCF Keep Cup Campaign has offically launched and the tally to date of cups distributed through donation and our networks is here…
WCF “Thank you Sessions” recognises patients as partners in the discovery of better health.

To all those who participate in Clinical Trials and Research…Thank You.

What to get involved ?

White Coats Foundation aims to provide access to resources to better inform the public and health care providers about clinical trials in Australia.   progresses including support initiatives and information. If you would like to discuss how to partner with us please drop us a line.

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