Your Voice, Your Story

The Idea

Sometimes it is difficult to put feelings into words. They say a picture paints a thousand words. In 2021, we invited  people to express their “Voice”  by creating a picture, painting, symbol or sending in a photo that represents what clinical trials mean to them.

We all have a story to tell. Perhaps a patient that has benefited from participating in a clinical trial,  a recipient of an approved medication that is available because of a clinical trial, a health care professional who supports patients on clinical trials or an industry professional who is witness to the impact that medical advances can bring to people’s lives. Perhaps clinical trials are a mystery or complicated to understand. Whatever the circumstances, we wanted to hear people voices and stories.

We welcomed entries from patients, family members, health care professionals and industry professionals.  Stories are what connect us as humans and aside from this initiative being a fun opportunity to get creative, Your Voice Your Story may help give someone else a Voice and inspire them to learn more or ask about how clinical trials might benefit them or someone they know.

Your Voice Your Story was presented online in conjunction with a webinar on International Clinical Trial Day  2021. 

Your Voice,Your Story Gallery

The Webinar

Your Voice Your Story Webinar

The White Coats Foundation selected storytellers for further presentation at the White Coats Foundation “Your Voice, Your Story” public webinar held on International Clinical Trials Day-20th of May.  

Inspirational stories were shared by patients and industry alike.! People are the heart of why clinical trials matter and their stories, insights & experiences are relevant and valuable.

It was also great fun for the WCF team to connect again with people from all around albeit through zoom !

Our Sponsor

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to our sponsor for supporting this initiative. Their contribution makes it possible for us to continue to raise awareness of clinical trials and their role in healthcare. 

International Clinical Trials Day - May 20th

20 May is International Clinical Trials Day. International Clinical Trials Day commemorates James Lind’s experiment with citrus fruits as one of the first reported clinical trials in medicine. Lind was able to provide evidence of the link between fruit and preventing scurvy.  International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world to raise awareness of the importance of clinical trials and research in healthcare.

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