The future depends on what we do in the present

- Mahatma Gandhi -

Our Mission is to raise awareness about the role of clinical trials in advancing medical science and healthcare


Clinical trials have the potential to benefit people’s health and can provide options in circumstances where treatment choices are limited or there are none.


We are delivering on this mission through a variety of initiatives that encourage listening, learning, collaborating, networking and sharing.

White Coats Foundation Presents a Two-Part Webinar Series

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What is consumer and community involvement in research? Who are consumers? How can consumers use their knowledge, experience and insights to improve research, clinical care and outcomes for patients?  White Coats Foundation takes a deep dive into “de-mystifying” consumer and community involvement in research via a two-part webinar series that aims to explore these issues and more.  

The webinar series is an opportunity for stakeholders with an interest in or focus on consumer and community involvement in research to ask questions, share experiences, listen and learn from others who are effectively involving consumers in research. In bringing key stakeholders together we hope to raise awareness; foster improved understanding; help reduce duplication of effort, encourage collaboration, and identify any gaps in progress on current efforts to involve consumers

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